Monday, March 26, 2007



This small town swelled to the size of a badly sprained ankle this weekend for the annual sandor bali. Two other Americans and I sat through a Hungarian play only to dance to a terrible band, all night long. We had to do some freestyle climbing to get back to my apartment at 6 in the morning. My American colleagues gawked at my students all night long, while I reminded them that they were gentlemen and not pedophiles every 5 minutes. I am hungover as hell and I didn't drink a thing last night. I won free trip to the szolarium (tanning salon) in the raffle. Ladies, Ladies one at a time!! My dark teats will remain a deep mahogany for at least two weeks.!

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Anonymous said...

yeah, well there was a big party at your old house last week. somehow it doesn't compare. thanks for writing, i enjoy coming by to see what's up in your world. but sometimes i forget and wonder why i haven't seen you walk by lately. <3 Maryjane