Tuesday, May 15, 2007


I haven't posted in over a month. Here's some little poems. Shhhhhhh!

On the Way to Szarvas

I saw a mutilated deer carcass.
Black birds rummaged through the carnage
with their pitchfork beaks like winos
picking a dead man pocket’s for change.
I thought of you, snapping juicy tendons
of our bloody, burnt-out roadkill love,
and although the image was adorable,
(your red fangs and delicate fork)
I think its time I told you that
every time you try and kiss me
I try to kill you with my tongue.


Something about stray dogs, ghosts rattling
like bones finally surrendering, shriek of moon.

Topless horseplay, the twisting green of dirty windows,
bee-hived ballerinas crying inside a glass of wine.

How and when did where arrive? Are we
there yet? The answer—islands and islands away.

At the Window

A pair of newborn kittens
with their heads stuck in their asses
squirming to breathe is what I think
her breasts resemble from here.


I want to live somewhere
where I can hear
a train ramble away
at least once a week,
an escape route
I’d promise somebody
I’d never take.